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Periodically, every business needs to take the big decisions that create and renew the basis of its competitive advantage. Lansdowne brings a refreshing approach to direction setting, which focuses on building a shared fact base and aligning the management team behind the way forward. We integrate the delivery roadmap and implementation strategy into the centre of the decision making process rather than tacking it on as an after-thought, leading to achievable, prioritised plans with commitment from across the business.

Why is this important? Because it is not the norm. Most consulting firms are essentially analytic in their approach and focus on industry and competitor analysis believing it to be worthwhile in its own right. We disagree – on two points. Strategy work is only valuable in so far as it supports better decisions, and the required fact-base has three core elements, not just one. We bring a higher level of attention to the other 2 areas – what your customers really want, and what your business is the best in the world at delivering to them, and we bring a new toolkit in each area that enables us to get better information, faster.

We combine this with the analytic excellence required to create new insights into where the industry and competitor set are going, founded on a clear view of the economic drivers of the sector. What makes us different is that we strive to define the right answer for your company and its capabilities, building on our operational insights into the underlying ability of your firm, rather than a generic strategy for any business in the sector.

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