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Lansdowne specialises in creating radical turnarounds and transformations of client performance. We design and deliver complex implementation programmes that include the client’s entire value chain in the scope.

Lansdowne follows a strategy-driven and liquidity-sensitive approach. This is distinct from typical turnaround approaches, which are often based on levers such as fixed percentage headcount reductions across a company’s organisation. We believe this is an erroneous approach since it generates high upfront costs for the turnaround process and may damage the organization’s long-term viability, particularly if the remaining personnel does not have the required profiles to implement the turnaround strategy.

On the contrary, Lansdowne employs a broad toolkit that is fully integrated and driven by the tailored strategy that we develop based on the client’s situation. For example, if profitability is stable but the business requires a new strategic direction to adapt to a changing market environment, we perform a strategy-led transformation. If the business is loss making and requires rapid action to regain profitability, we develop an accelerated turnaround strategy. If the situation is critical with the business facing insolvency or liquidity limits, we perform a restructuring engagement with focus on maintaining operations through negotiations with creditors and the development of a viable recovery plan. In all cases we define the implementation plan in parallel with the strategy or turnaround approach to ensure the pragmatism of the overall engagement .

08 Restructuring Timeline

Lansdowne has developed a proven approach for to address such challenges.  First priority is liquidity generation to ensure on-going operations. In parallel, we develop the necessary measures to realise short-term revenue generation, sustainable growth, productivity improvements and organizational change.

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