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Lansdowne supports clients from the private equity and venture capital sector during the acquisition, sale and, if appropriate, the integration and restructuring of companies or business units. Our core consulting services in the acquisition phase include the performance of Commercial, Technical and Red Flag Due Diligences for our clients. Here, we believe in a value-adding due diligence approach that not only assesses and challenges the target’s business planning and strategy against market and competitive forces, but also defines potential strategic and optimisation opportunities. Over the last 5 years, Lansdowne has performed more than 100 Commercial Due Diligences across various manufacturing and service sectors, most of which is repeat business with highly satisfied private equity clients.

03 Transaction Support CDD
04 Transaction Support RFDD

In addition to Due Diligence engagements, our consulting services portfolio covers the entire transaction value chain and includes post-transaction support for our clients in areas such as post-merger integration (PMI) as well as further restructuring and optimization services.

05 Transaction Support Offering
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